Kiwis disregarding the impact of diet choices on cholesterol

More than half the study's respondents said they knew the difference between HDL and LDL cholesterol. ©iStock

People in New Zealand need to be more aware of how increasing polyunsaturated fats, dietary fibre, and plant sterols in their diets can help cut cholesterol.

Prof. Georges in the new food Incubator.

Monash launches food incubator in partnership with Chobani

Lactobacillus supplementation was also found to weaken an oxidative stress marker in breast milk. ©iStock

Probiotic supplementation heightens breast milk antioxidant levels: RCT

Nestlé said the latest KitKat product contains 2.1% cough drop powder.  Photo: Nestlé Japan

Nestlé Japan launches cough drop-flavored KitKat ahead of World Cup game

A fermented paste of fruits, vegetables and other ingredients could prevent infectious diseases. ©iStock

Fermented functional food, Xeniji, increases immunity: Malaysian mouse study

Cinnamon can help combat metabolic syndrome, a study has found. ©iStock

Cinnamon supplements alleviate metabolic syndrome in Asian Indians: RCT

Vitamin D could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. ©iStock

Australian study affirms vitamin D’s ability to lower type 2 diabetes risk

White rose petal extract increases the antioxidant content of wine. ©iStock

Healthier wine? Fortification with white rose petal extract increases polyphenol content

Seed company opens micro veggie gardens at future-food institute

Seed company opens micro veggie gardens at future-food institute

There is emerging evidence that consuming artificial sweeteners may have unanticipated consequences, say researchers. ©iStock

Artificial sweeteners combined with a low carb diet increases calories consumption: Australian academics

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