Food firms should stop ‘dawdling’ and address major public health problems with functional products

Reducing sugar or fat is 'no longer a sufficient approach' to tackle Australia's public healh problems. ©iStock

Health and wellness concerns will spur sales of naturally functional foods in Australia, but major food firms need to “stop dawdling” and maximize the opportunities.

Cashew nuts are a rich source of essential fatty acids. ©iStock

Maternal cashew nut consumption boosts cognitive development of offspring

The ingredient will be used in sports and energy products. ©iStock

Novel food status for isomalto-oligosaccharide granted in Australia and New Zealand

Cheers: Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan and Chan Mei Zhi Alcine.

Probiotic beer created at Singapore university has 'commercial potential'

The product is based on Plant & Food Research science

Alleviating China’s pollution anxiety: Anagenix’s lung-boosting ingredient set for beverage launch

The chitosan-coated layer delayed the release profile of iron. ©iStock

Iron fortification: Chitosan encapsulation strengthens stability and boosts bioavailability

Possible functional food and nutraceutical uses for stevia have been receiving increasing academic attention. ©iStock

Stevia toxicity: New tests support high dose functional food and supplement use beyond sweetness

The effects of juices on cardiovascular diseases have been widely studied, say researchers. ©iStock

Heart health and weight management: Which fruit juices offer the most benefits?

Powerful protein: Edible insects packing a punch

Powerful protein: Edible insects packing a punch

Coca-Cola No Sugar has been clearly named to present its sugar-free formulation.

Coca-Cola launches Coca-Cola No Sugar: ‘The best tasting sugar-free cola we have ever made’

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