China's youth obesity prevalence grows from 0.03% to 17.2% in 30 years

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China is paying the price of adopting a western lifestyle with soaring childhood obesity, according to a 29-year study of nearly 28,000 children and adolescents. 

Halal leader NoorVitamins launches fish oil

Halal leader NoorVitamins launches high potency fish oil to broaden value proposition

According to Salma et al, Calanus finmarchicus is “the most abundant crustacean in the North Atlantic Ocean with annual production of several hundred million tonnes. The total annual harvest amounts to less than 0.01% of the annual growth in accordance with regulations by Norwegian fisheries management.” Image: Uwe Kils

Study shows Calanus oil may benefit blood pressure and heart health

Source: The Saucey Sauce Co.

New York startup helps cooks bridge desire for Asian food & limited access to ingredients, techniques

Marina launches ‘SunStar’ in SIG Combibloc carton bottle

SIG Combibloc: ‘Investments in Iran should start to prove easier in the future’

Beyond SLN's ambition to supply beef to China, it is also exploring Thailand.

Cambodia’s first abattoir readying the starter’s gun

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Kiwi bread study gives rise to healthier staple food

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Scientists develop a drinkable, peanut-based dietary supplement for older adults

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Bugs: A strange case of amnesia

Taiyo produces Sunfiber from the guar plant.  Taiyo photo.

Taiyo gets non-GMO verification on Sunfiber prebiotic ingredient

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First gluten-free barley beer ships out of Australia to Germany

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Vitamin Angels boosts efforts in Indonesia with MOU

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Plant-derived bacteria shows anti-obesity effects: RCT

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Australians still exceed sugar guidance, though trends are improving

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Joshua and Simon Schmidt

Barossa Valley brothers develop bottle top to free sulphites from wine

A sales executive said it had been 12 years since China recorded a fall in beef prices

Chinese beef firm blames falling prices for first-quarter loss

Australian bush gin prepares to take on world

Australian bush gin prepares to take on world

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The US dairy industry could see exports to Vietnam rise after tariffs on dairy products will be eliminated within five years thanks to the TPP agreement. Image: iStock - chombosan

IDFA predicts 'bright future for US dairy' as TPP will lift Vietnam export tariffs

Ginkgo producers need to gain a detailed understanding of the value chains of their products, say researchers. © / Malgorzata Biernikiewicz

How to shut down the illicit ginkgo trade

Raw mung bean sprouts. Picture: sommail/Istock

More than 150 sick in Australian Salmonella outbreak

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Regulator mulls ‘all other foods’ maximum residue limit for chemicals

'A number of studies have suggested that diet and feed influence shedding on E.coli [in cattle]': Dr Sarah Cahill, FAO ©

WHO and FAO want feed industry data to help manage E.coli risk

Philippines readies drones to assess disasters' impact on agriculture

Philippines readies drones to assess disasters' impact on agriculture

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Tea for three: Asia’s leading tea companies

David seeks Goliath to make nutrient-rich yeast protein for the poor

David seeks Goliath to make nutrient-rich yeast protein for the poor

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Report: Almost all Vietnamese cattle and seafood farms use antibiotics




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