Harsimrat Kaur Badal has called on entrepreneurs to invest in food processing

Wanted: Investment by food processing entrepreneurs to combat wastage

17-Sep-2014 - Entrepreneurs must start to invest more in food processing if the country has any chance of reducing the amount of produce that is wasted, a government minister has warned.

Pathway picked to represent FutureCeuticals in Australasia

17-Sep-2014 - FutureCeuticals, the American nutraceutical major whose products are manufactured from fruit, vegetables and grain, has chosen Pathway International to be its distribution partner in Australia and New Zealand.

Plain sailing: Other Asian countries could learn from Korea's claims process

‘Straightforward’ claims process gives Korea advantage over neighbours

17-Sep-2014 - South Korea’s probiotic segment has been growing at around 30% over the last two years, and according to one international bioscience major, this lightning rate should continue for another year.

Ilaria Marcotuli in the lab

Scientists develop healthier spaghetti while increasing wheat yield

16-Sep-2014 - Researchers in Adelaide believe they have found a way to increase yield of the wheat central to pasta production, while their colleagues have discovered how to make a bowl of spaghetti more healthy without compromising its taste. 

Consuming high-fat dairy slashes type 2 diabetes risk: Study

Consuming high-fat dairy slashes type 2 diabetes risk: Study

16-Sep-2014 - A high intake of high-fat dairy products such as cream could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a Swedish study suggests.

Despite overall progress in reducing global hunger, there are stark differences between different regions, says the report.

Global hunger is falling, but malnutrition still a big issue, says UN report

16-Sep-2014 - The number of hungry people has fallen by more than 100 million over the last decade; however 805 million people around the world are still chronically undernourished, according to a new joint UN report.

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce

Minister: Australia’s “food bowl of Asia” no threat to Chinese farmers

16-Sep-2014 - Agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce has assured Chinese farmers that Australia is “not a threat” to their livelihoods on a day when two Far East investment groups established a A$3bn (US$2.7bn) fund to invest in Australian agriculture.

Regulars at Sid's Pub in KL warm up for a heavy afternoon's sampling

Change brewing as Malaysia hops onto craft beer bandwagon

15-Sep-2014 - Faced with increasing gains across Asia-Pacific, not least in Australia where traditional brewers are fast losing market share, craft beer importers are now eyeing Southeast Asia as a new growth market.

‘Very pleased to find a lower dose supports bone health’: Kyowa study shows new efficacious levels for vitamin K2

‘Very pleased to find a lower dose supports bone health’: Kyowa study shows new efficacious levels for vitamin K2

15-Sep-2014 - The potential bone health benefits of vitamin K2 menaquinone-4 may be achievable at a daily dose of 600 micrograms, according to a new study from Kyowa Hakko with implications for formulations and health.

Sanjiv Kakkar (pictured): "Indian cuisine could be the next big thing if it’s done right. I think the biggest associations in consumers’ mind when it comes to Indian food right now are ‘spicy’ and ‘curry’. That's the impression that needs to change."

Himalaya International: Indian food hasn’t taken off because there’s no standard of identity

15-Sep-2014 - The flavors of Asia have no doubt made their mark on American palates—as Chinese, Japanese and Thai influences have made their way from niche to mainstream retail and foodservice outlets. Even tiny Malaysia appears to be moving up the ranks of popular flavors among US consumers. 

Opps in protein-enriched 'everyday food' for the elderly: Fonterra

Opportunities in protein-enriched 'everyday food' for the elderly: Fonterra

15-Sep-2014 - The elderly needn't make significant dietary changes to boost their daily intake of protein and could instead rely on enriched "everyday food", research by Fonterra suggests.

The Asia-Pacific food packaging technology market is predicted to grow at CAGR 9.1%

Convenience food spurs Asia-Pacific sales growth in packaging technology

15-Sep-2014 - Asia-Pacific is driving global growth in food packaging technology due to the rising popularity of convenience foods and branded products, according to research and consultancy firm MarketsandMarkets.

Devising one standard for 10 countries is a 'very ambitious' goal

'Ambitious' Asean supplements harmonisation process nearing its goal

15-Sep-2014 - Ten years into the process to harmonise the regulatory framework for nutritional and health supplements among Southeast Asian nations, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Dr Dani Zamir: "The challenge now is to translate these decoded genomes into new and improved tools for plant breeding..."

Coffee genome sequenced: Researchers drink to greater caffeine control

12-Sep-2014 - Reducing, enhancing or even eliminating caffeine content in coffee plants will be possible in the near future researchers are saying after completing the genomic map of the coffee plant Coffea canephora.

Blood glucose may be lowered by regular consumption of mango. Photo credit: Prasanth M J

Mangos may lower blood sugar in obese adults: Study

12-Sep-2014 - Consumption of freeze-dried mango may reduce blood glucose levels for obese individuals, according to researchers. 

Weetabix's Alpen lineup for China includes a green tea & dark chocolate bar

Weetabix unveils Alpen bars for Chinese market

12-Sep-2014 - Alpen bars targeting busy professionals are the first Weetabix products to be formulated specifically for the Chinese market, following the UK company’s majority buy-out by Chinese conglomerate Bright Foods in 2012.

Aker Australia bags three innovation patents for krill oil production

12-Sep-2014 - Krill oil harvester Aker BioMarine has added to its intellectual property collection with three new Australian innovation patents.

Norway stresses salmon safety in face of China virus fears

12-Sep-2014 - Chinese media reports are wrong and Norwegian salmon poses no danger to the health of consumers, the Norwegian Seafood Council has stressed after the Asian country’s government announced an end to imports.

ENSA on breast cancer study: “…this publication does nothing to challenge the well-documented view that soyfoods perfectly fit a healthy balanced diet for those with or without breast cancer.”

ENSA: Soy-breast cancer study not reflective of ‘state of scientific knowledge’

11-Sep-2014 - The soy industry has hit back at a recent study that suggested soy supplementation could worsen rather than ameliorate breast cancer by influencing gene behaviour.

Supplier fined heavily in midst of Taiwan’s 780t recycled oil scandal

Supplier fined heavily in midst of Taiwan’s 780t recycled oil scandal

11-Sep-2014 - A Taiwanese food company has been handed a severe fine for selling lard made from cooking oil that had been recycled from kitchen waste and grease from leather processing plants.