Coffee consumption a counter to sarcopenia in elderly men: Korean study

Consuming at least three cups of coffee a day can fight sarcopenia in men above 60, according to a Korean study. ©iStock

Consuming at least three cups of coffee a day could lower the risk of elderly men developing sarcopenia, according to a Korean study.

An antioxidant-rich diet is preferable to antioxidant supplements for lowering eye disease risk, say researchers. ©iStock

Eye health and vitamins: Supplement intake ‘can increase degeneration’, review reveals

Hypertension risk was increased in those born in China during the Great Chinese Famine. ©iStock

Prenatal malnutrition and postnatal health: How diet can affect hypertension risk

Four studies have been published in the FASEB Journal. ©iStock

New trials show ‘multiple health benefits’ from consuming mango: Industry body

Dr Jennifer Stearns led the study.

Crucial role of ethnicity and breastfeeding for infant gut microbiota revealed

Beta and alpha carotenes and lycopene were significantly lower in advanced stage patients. ©iStock

Low levels of carotenoids linked to Parkinson’s disease risk and progression: RCT

Longer periods of supplementation may increase the anti-inflammatory benefits of green tea. ©iStock

Green tea supplements: Good for weight loss, but lacking in anti-inflammation action against PCOS

Yakult is ready to begin carrying out tests on the consumption of probiotics in space.  ©iStock

Probiotics in space testing is ready for lift off, says Yakult

A deathcap mushroom. Picture: Food Safety Information Council

Wild mushroom warning in Australia

Increased fibre intake can help with weight loss. ©iStock

Fibre supplement boosts weight loss and lowers blood sugar in obese adults: Study

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